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Fork Buffets and Salads

Emma supplied a buffet for our Golden Wedding celebration. The presentation was excellent and the food delicious. We would ask Emma to cater for us again
David C


From £10.50 per head Choose 3 items from the list below:

I recommend 4 salads to accompany your chosen items, these can be found on the salads page

Salmon platter

Slow oven-roasted side of salmon, garnished with prawns

Roast beef with horseradish glaze

Topside of beef from a local butcher, roasted with a horseradish glaze

Baked ham with mustard glaze

Ham from a local butcher boiled and roasted to retain the moisture, glazed with mustard

Sausage, cranberry and egg slice

Puff pastry plait encases sausagemeat from local butchers, along with hard-boiled egg, cranberry sauce and pancetta. Great crowd-pleaser.

Ultimate quiche Lorraine

A favourite on the buffet table. Shortcrust pastry case with a ham and cheese filling

Cheese and pesto whirls (v)

These herby tear-and share bread rolls have mozzarella and sundried tomatoes baked into them

Roast chicken with apricot and pine nut stuffing

Looks stunning on a buffet table. Combination of apricots, herbs, nuts in a couscous stuffing wrapped in chicken.

Coronation chicken

Classic dish. Succulent cooked chicken breast in a mild curry, mango mayonnaise dressing

Red onion and feta tart (v)

Puff pastry tart topped with caramelised red onion, feta, olives and basil leaves

Asparagus, sundried tomato and olive loaf

Spring flavour in every mouth

All the below will accompany any of the items shown on this website. Salads can be ordered for your own party. Prices start from £0.75-£1.50/head

Nicoise salad

Cos lettuce with olives, green beans, anchovies, hard-boiled egg and light mayo dressing

Spicy roasted vegetable couscous

Butternut squash, peppers, red onion and courgette oven roasted with harissa paste then combined with couscous

Potato salad

New potatoes with shallots combined with white wine vinegar and mayo dressing

Greek salad (V)

A chunky mix of cucumber, tomato, red onion, olives and feta in light vinaigrette

Tomato and feta cheese (V)

Simple combination of sliced tomatoes and crumbled feta finished with torn basil leaves

English garden salad (V)

True taste of summer: combining radish, lettuce, spring onion, cucumber and cherry tomatoes

Italian bean salad (V)

A combination of spring onion, garlic, chilli tossed with cannellini, butter and flageolet beans

Roasted potato and bean salad (V)

Baby roast potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives with a garlic dressing

Crunchy coleslaw (V)

This salad goes with everything. Finely shredded white cabbage, grated carrot and onion bound in a mayonnaise

Orzo and mozzarella salad (V)

Mediterranean inspired pasta salad makes a fresh and vibrant addition to any buffet

Honey and thyme roasted tomatoes (V)

Slow roasted, large tomatoes baked with garlic and thyme. Served with a balsamic dressing

Waldorf salad (V)

Celery, apples and walnuts combined in a creamy mayonnaise

Caesar salad

Romain lettuce topped with parmesan shavings, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing


Beef mince in a rich tomato sauce layered with lasagne sheets and finished with a cheese sauce

Sausage cassoulet

Herbed sausages cooked in a tuscan style with  tomatoes, butter and haricot beans, served with crusty bread

Pork casserole, slow cooked

Tender slow cooked pork shoulder in a honey and mustard casserole

 Vegetable lasagne (V)

Courgette, mixed peppers, mushrooms and aubergine combined in a sauce tomato and layered with lasagne sheets and topped with a cheese sauce

Chilli con carne

Beef mince combined with red kidney beans, mushrooms cooked in a chilli sauce

Beef bourguignon

Classic dish of slow-cooked braising steak in a red wine sauce with button mushrooms

Spanish chicken

Chicken thighs cooked in a tomato sauce with chorizo, peppers and olives

Masala creamy chicken curry

Chicken breast infused with a variety of spicy herbs and cooked in a creamy korma sauce

Luxury fish pie

Always a firm favourite. Selection of fish in a dill and cream sauce topped with a light fluffy mash

Cottage pie

Beef mince topped with parsnip and potato mash

Somerset stew (V) (GF)

A winter warmer is full of flavour. Mix of vegetables and beans

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From £8.95 per head Chose 7 items from:

Asparagus rolls with prosciutto

Lightly steamed asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and parm

Vegetable mini pizzas

Light crisp pastry base covered with a tomato sauce and topped  with mushrooms

Scandi smoked salmon potatoes

Cooked salad potato wedges with smoked salmon wrapped round

Crostini with goats cheese and artichokes (V)

Bite-sized pieces of crispy toast topped with cheese, artichokes and pesto

Ham and blue cheese skewers

Blue cheese, apple slices and cubes of ham and fresh watercress threaded onto a wooden skewer

Creamy pesto pinwheels (V)

Light white bread with a cream cheese and pesto filling

Seared beef steak sandwich with béarnaise sauce

Slices of beef steak served on a crostini topped with a dash of béarnaise sauce

Prawn and guacamole blinis

Russian pancake topped with guacamole and a prawn

Mediterranean skewers (V) (GF)

Colourful array of olives, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese

Blinis with smoked salmon

Russian favourite. Miniature pancake topped with crème fraiche and smoked salmon

Smoked salmon triangle

Wholemeal bread, spread with butter, topped with smoked salmon finished with a sprinkling of freshly milled black pepper

Lettuce cups with prawns and mango (GF)

Juicy prawns go great with sweet mango and crunchy leaves, finished with lemon juice and coriander

Roasted gnocchi, sundried tomato and olive stacks

A cocktail stick of roasted gnocchi, slice of sundried tomato and green olive

Thai turkey filo dippers (GF)

Similar to a spring roll filled with turkey or chicken mince, spring onion and ginger. Served with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Smoked salmon rotollos

Traditional mix of cream cheese and salmon but impressive

Cucumber and blue cheese canapes

Ricotta and blue cheese piled onto slices of cucumber topped with pomegranate seeds OR grape and pecan slices

From £7.95 per head Chose 7 items from:

Selection of sandwiches in wholemeal, granary and white bread. Chose 3 fillings;

  • Coronation chicken
  • Ham & coleslaw 
  • Ploughman's sandwich 
  • Beetroot, spinach and hummus
  • Egg & cress
  • Roast beef & horseradish 

Cheese scones with cream cheese (v)

Savoury cheese scone topped with light cream cheese and cress

Caramelised onion and pancetta tarts

Bite-sized savoury tartlet filled with caramelised red onion and pancetta

Greek olive cups (v)

Pastry cases filled with olives and feta with a light mayo dressing

Mini salmon and dill puffs

Light puff pastry filled with a poached salmon and cream cheese filling

Chicken salad tomato cup

Shredded chicken breast mixed with fresh herbs served in a little tomato cup

Halloumi and bacon bites (GF)

 Sticks of halloumi wrapped in smoked streaky bacon and cooked til crisp

Sticky Hoisin sausages

Chipolata sausages that both children and adults will love in a sweet Asian sauce, can be eaten hot or cold

Thai mango, chilli and lime cups (V)

Zingy vegetarian nibbles served in a crisp pastry case with mango, chilli, red onion, coriander leaves, lime juice and chilli sauce

Spanish skewer

Tapas on a stick. Salad potato, red pepper and chorizo

Mini olive scone

Light bite sized scone with sautéed onion, parmesan and mature cheddar

Fish goujons with mango and lime dip

Strips of white fish fillets coated in breadcrumbs

Smoky chicken skewer

Tapas style canape, marinated then grilled chicken kebab. Served with a smoked garlic dip

Naan, spinach and halloumi bites (v)

Wilted spinach, garlic and spices piled onto naan bread and topped with halloumi

Smoked cheese in blankets

Smoky cheese wrapped in pancetta with sprigs of rosemary

Prawn and chorizo skewers and gremolata

Enticing mix of fish and meat with a lemon, herb and garlic dressing

Nicoise toasts

Bite size crostini with robust mediterranean flavours of anchovies, capers and olives

Brie and cranberry twists (v)

Stylish canapes with creamy french cheese and sweet fruit

Mini brochettes with spicy Thai dip

Herby pork brochettes served with a fresh and spicy dip 

From £6.95 per head Chose 7 items from the following list:

Sandwiches, prepared in a selection of white, granary and wholemeal bread.

Chose 3 fillings from

  • Tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise
  • Egg cress mayonnaise
  • Pate, rocket and tomato
  • Ham and mustard
  • Mature cheddar and tomato chutney

Homemade sausage rolls

Locally produced sausagemeat encased in a shortcrust pastry

Mini Chicken fajitas

Mexican inspired with chicken and peppers in tortilla wraps

Italian skewers

A medley of flavours. Sundried tomato, salami, olives and roasted pepper

Ham and pineapple pizza wheels

A swirl of tomato sauce with ham, pineapple, cheese, onion and parsley.

Cheese straws

A classic choice but enjoyed by all, a melt in the mouth crumbly cheese straw

Sundried tomato and rosemary palmiers (V)

A light puff pastry whirl with a taste of the Mediterranean

Individual tartlets

A choice of fillings please chose one: olive and sundried tomato, caramelised onion and pancetta, goat’s cheese and herb, Wensleydale with apricot

Crudités (V) (GF)

Crunchy fresh vegetables and crackers with an assortment of homemade dips

Stuffed eggs - salmon and dill/ chorizo crumb

Stuffed with either of the above. Tasty and healthy

Thai chicken and roasted pepper skewer

Thai chicken and roasted pepper skewer, low calorie

Pineapple halloumi and mint on a stick

Roasted pineapple and halloumi tossed in a  mint mix

Potato boats

Salad potato halved and filled with a ricotta and mature cheddar filling then baked, can be eaten hot or cold

Crispy Potato Skins with a creamy chive dip

Paprika flavoured wedges, best served warm, but can be enjoyed cold too.

Kettle Crisps

Bowls of hand-cooked crisps

Caramelised onion tortilla

A taste of Spain with potato slices and sweet onions

Pork pie slices

Slices of traditional pork pie served with a sweet pickle



From £9.00 per head Choose 3 from the following list of sandwiches

Creamy egg and cress (v)

Always a firm favourite. Soft white bread encasing a creamy egg and cress filling

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Smoked salmon combined with cream cheese and lemon juice in wholemeal bread

Ham and English mustard

Roast ham with mustard in a granary bread

Beef and horseradish

Tender beef slices with a spread of horseradish encased in wholemeal bread

Mature cheddar and tomato chutney (v)

Tangy combination of cheese and tomato in granary bread

Goats cheese, walnuts and roasted red pepper (v)

Soft creamy goats cheese with slithers of red pepper and a sprinkling of walnuts encased in a soft white bread

Chose 3 from the following list of savoury items

Homemade sausage rolls

Shortcrust pastry encasing a locally produced sausagemeat

Mini ham and stilton tarts

Individual pastry tartlets with ham and stilton filling

Ham and pineapple pizza wheels

A swirl of tomato sauce with tuna, pineapple, cheese, onion and parsley.

Ploughman’s scones with apple chutney filling (v)

A savoury scone with a slice of cheese and apple chutney filling

Pizza sticks

A pizza base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives and anchovy

Beef mince in a rich tomato sauce layered with lasagne sheets and finished with a cheese sauce


Choose 3 from the following list of sweet items

Lemon drizzle squares

Truly delightful a crunchy tangy moist cake

Victoria sandwich butterfly cupcakes

A cupcake with the centre filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream

Bakewell slices

Shortcrust pastry with a frangipane and apricot jam topping

Classic scones with clotted cream and jam

A crumbly scone topped with strawberry jam and a dollop of clotted cream

Raspberry and pine nut bars

A mouth-watering moreish teatime treat. Combination of oats, fruit and nuts

Chocolate brownies

Rich, indulgent chocolate brownies

Millionaire’s shortbread

Doesn’t really need any introduction, a firm favourite with all. Shortbread base, caramel centre, topped with milk and white chocolate

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